The Hidden Copywriting Trick Almost Every Marketer Is Ignoring

Written by The Kong Team

On November 23, 2020
The Hidden Copywriting Trick Almost Every Marketer Is Ignoring

Tell me if this sounds like you…

When it comes to your ads, promotions, emails and everything else you write copy for, you strictly focus on what the words are saying?

(Which makes sense, because good copywriting is an absolute marketing superpower).

But what if I told you that there was something you’ve been ignoring, something most marketers aren’t even aware of, that could easily hypnotize your dream customers into reading more of your stuff for longer.

You see, there’s a powerful copywriting trick you could use to keep your readers eyes glued to your page!

It doesn’t involve fancy copywriting frameworks…

You don’t need to learn how to become a master wordsmith…

And you can forget about spending hours & hours running through some expensive copy course…

Better yet, this is something you only need to learn once and you can keep using it for decades to come!

So, what is this hidden copy trick you can use to get your promo’s, landing pages, emails and ads more attention for longer?

Let me show you…


How To Keep Your Readers Eyes Glued To Everything You Write For Longer


Imagine for a second you had two ads on your Facebook feed right now.

One looked amazing, whilst the other looks like it was designed by a kindergartner with an eye patch.

How would you react to these ads?

It’s the same with anything you write – emails, promotional campaigns, ads, landing pages, you name it. The way they look and come across to your readers can either get them to easily read on (good “copy design” makes this happen), or they can subconsciously stumble over things on your page and eventually leave out of frustration.

Think about it like this…

How do you feel when you open a page only to be confronted with big, fat chunks of boring text?

Nothing makes me want to close a window faster!

Formatting, typography, and the way your copy actually looks can make a big difference to your readers. It can either help them get through your messaging & copy easier, or it can stop them dead in their tracks.


That’s why good typography can be so crucial to your copy.

Imagine spending weeks crafting the perfect promo, Facebook ads and emails, only for your readers to ignore them all simply because they’re formatted in a way that chases them away?

That’s why I wanted to share this Typography Cheat sheet with you, so you can learn the hidden copywriting trick (that most marketers ignore) which can help you get more of your dream customers reading your messages, copy and content for longer.

Check it out…

The Hidden Copywriting Trick Almost Every Marketer Is Ignoring


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