How Often To Post On Social Media [Case Study]

Written by The Kong Team

On November 23, 2020
How Often To Post On Social Media

Is there a formula for social media?

You bet there is!

In fact, there are plenty out there.

If you aren’t using one chances are that you’re missing out on tons of likes, shares, engagement and ultimately leads & customers.

Social media can be incredibly powerful, but you need to know the right way to tap into each channel first.

Sure, we all have Insta profiles, fan pages, Facebook groups and a bunch more…

But how often should you be posting on each of these?

Is there a right amount you should be scheduling?

And when are the best times to reach your tribe online?

That’s why I wanted to share the results from 14 case studies curated by CoSchedule. They analyzed data from companies like Quick Sprout, Buffer, LocalVox, Ahology and even their own user base to find these answers.

So, if you’d like to find out exactly how often you should be posting on each of your social networks, as well as the perfect posting schedule for your campaigns, this case study has all the answers.

Check it out…


Exactly When To Post On Social Media To Reach Your Dream Customers


How Often To Post On Social Media Infographic


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